10lbs dumbbells
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10Lb Dumbbells

Our 10 lbs dumbbells designed for your comfort and convenience. Whether in the gym, or at home, our 10 lbs dumbbells are the perfect choice for your fitness routine. We offer affordable dumbbells shipped directly to you from our Florida warehouse.

10 Pound dumbbells features:

  1. Neoprene coated: Perfect for the sweatiest of workouts. Hard weights 10 pound dumbbells have a steel interior and a neoprene finish to prevent a slippery grip.
  2. Hexagon shape: The engineering behind out 10 pound dumbbells are designed so they dumbbells do not roll away. Whether you are in between sets, doing interval workouts such as a HIIT session, placing the dumbbells down, will not cause you to miss a beat. They’ll stay in place, no matter where you leave them.
  3. Silent performance: Our 10lbs dumbbells are virtually silent due to their neoprene coating. They will not make a loud clattering sound when placed down, as metal might. Perfect for at home workouts, where you might be on tile or marble.
  4. High Quality: Our 10 pound dumbbells are high quality. These dumbbells come factory packaged. They have gone through rigorous testing and passed quality control.
  5. Versatile weight: 10lbs is a versatile dumbbells weight for beginners or professional. With the right intensity, ten pounds can lead to muscle fatigue and growth for the most season strength trainer. For beginners, 10lbs can be the ideal weight to offer resistance and challenge.

HARD WEIGHTS is committed to providing you with the best and highest quality dumbbells in the market. We will soon be expanding to many more weight sizes.